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When Is It Time to Replace Your Old Glasses or Contacts?

Seeing clearly is the best part about an accurate eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism with prescription lenses improves quality of life for the wearer. Not only will the appropriate devices enable you to see at your best but having a current prescription will ensure you do not experience headaches or eye strain often associated with poor, or at least less than crisp, vision. While the timeline of switching out lenses varies from patient to patient, keeping your prescription up to date is necessary for optimal vision. When is it time to replace your old glasses or contacts?

If you have been diagnosed with refractive errors, you know that an eyeglass prescription is not the same as a contact lens prescription. Eyeglasses sit slightly away from the eyes and contact lenses rest directly over the eyes, requiring 2 different tests as well as measurements. Additionally, eyeglasses can be worn long term, barring breakage, while contact lenses can be disposed of daily, weekly or monthly depending on wear time prescribed by your eye doctor. In general, it is recommended that you update your prescription eyeglasses every 2 years and your contact lenses as directed. Most insurance options provide patients with annual exams. If your prescription has changed within the year, you should replace your old glasses or contacts. 

Changes to vision are not the only reason to replace your old glasses or contacts; however, you may want to replace one in favor of the other. Often people begin by wearing glasses and eventually switch to contact lenses because of the convenience. Contact lens wearers typically have a pair of glasses to wear when they need to give their eyes a break from contacts. Benefits of getting a new pair of glasses for everyday wear or just occasional wear include comfort, versatility and style. Sun protection helps protect against dry eye, fun styles, new trends, glasses for different occasions, helps you to stand out in a good way, the possibilities are endless for swapping your old glasses for new ones. Keep an eye out, pun intended, for insurance incentives or a buy one get one free deal, to add new glasses to your collection. 

Do not let the quality of your vision suffer with outdated prescription glasses or dried out, expired contact lenses. At Skyline Vision Clinic, we offer a variety of flattering options for you to try out in the comfort of our office. To book an eye exam, call 719-630-3937 or schedule online at WEBSITE.