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Dr. Matthew Chang is a SuperStar! Thank you for restoring my eyesight. I am very grateful.
Arch H.
Hubby had bilateral cataract surgery. Fantastic care.
Dr. Chang and Dr. Popowski do excellent work. Patient and thorough. Keratoconus patient for years, helping with difficult vision issues.
David E.
Dr. Chang is a wonderful doctor! No pain, 5 hours post op and my vision is already great! Still a little blurry but I can read very small print for the first time in years. Yea!!
Carol P. 
Have been bringing my mom here since a cataract surgery she had elsewhere that caused ongoing problems. My mom is pleased with Dr. Chang and the service she receives. We even had to see Dr. Chang for an urgent visit on the 4th of July and he was very pleasant even after having been called out on a holiday. Thank you Dr. Chang!
Heather H.
I had an EXCELLENT experience with this place. I had Lasik in 2015 with a very bad stigmatism in my left eye that he completely corrected and to this day, I’m 20/20 and love it! Dr. Buckley did my procedure, was very kind, professional and did a great job. The office staff was very nice to me, treated me very well and I would recommend them to anyone. I did not have insurance to help, but used CareCredit and had no issues at all.
Steve L.
My lasik, completed by Dr. Brit Buckley in 2003 has provided me with 20/20 vision since. At the time of my surgery I was -10.75 and -11.25. I had the standard recovery time. My current eye Dr. cannot see the normal signs of surgery (flap scars) and asked only because there is one small section visible with hi powered inspection of my eye. I am so grateful to Dr. Buckley for the past 13 years of glasses free!

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