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Is it Safe to Use Vaseline on Lashes?

Social media is chalked full of videos, posts and inspiration for the latest beauty hacks, especially using inexpensive, readily available products or ingredients that can provide aesthetic benefits without the hefty price tags. The common household jar of Vaseline has been a tried-and-true staple in many homes for decades. From soothing chapped lips to slugging petroleum jelly all over your face as the ultimate moisturizer to the newest trend of using Vaseline as a DIY alternative to lash extensions, consumers are wondering if these trends are not only effective but if they are a prudent choice. Is it safe to use Vaseline on lashes?

Keeping products out and away from the eyes seems like an easy solution to maintaining the health of the eyes. Soap, serums and makeup all come with warnings about contact with eyes and instructions on what to do if burning, stinging or redness occurs should too much product encounter the eyes. Although Vaseline does not promote or promise any kind of lash growth, it can hydrate the lashes to lock in moisture preventing lash breakage. Moisturized lashes and brows can aid in making sparse hairs or lashes seem fuller. Vaseline also helps the hold the curl to lashes providing a lifting effect. In general, using a small amount of Vaseline on eyelashes is safe. However, occlusive ingredients, designed to create a barrier to trap in moisture, which are found in Vaseline tend to be waxy, oily and heavy in texture. Because of this, it is not recommended to sleep with Vaseline on your lashes as it may secrete into the eyes causing blurred vision and irritation.

Some experts recommend a Vaseline routine as part of eye hygiene especially for those who suffer from blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction and frequent styes. Wet the skin under the eyes as well as the lower eyelids with your fingers. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the wet skin and lashes and leave on as long as desired. Using a washcloth with warm water to compress the glands and to wipe away the Vaseline should leave your eyes and lashes feeling clean and calm. A few drops of artificial tears to ensure debris or residue is not left behind and your eyes will find relief. If you have any eye conditions or disease, specifically related to the cornea, it may be best to avoid Vaseline or any over the counter treatments and follow the advice of your doctor. Otherwise, limited amounts of Vaseline could provide moisture benefits to the eyelashes and skin surrounding the eyes at a reasonable price point.

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