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How Environmental Factors Affect Your Eyesight

The environment has a direct impact on eye health. Eyesight can be influenced by genetics and family history, but environmental factors heavily determine how great your vision can be. We may be predisposed to certain eye diseases or conditions but taking control of our environment may allow us the opportunity to prevent the development or progression of certain eye diseases and conditions. Consequences of how environmental factors affect your eyesight vary from mild annoyance to vision loss and even to blindness. 

Environmental factors such as pollutants, ultraviolet radiation, toxic gasses, variations in temperature, chemicals, wind, smoke and airborne particles are all around us. Thankfully, our eyes are naturally able to protect us with eyelids, eyelashes, tears and the intricacies of internal functions. In addition, wearing protective eyewear or sunglasses, avoiding rubbing irritated eyes, using high-quality eye drops and scheduling regular visits with your eye doctor can help protect your eyesight from environmental factors. 

One of the most common effects of the environment on eyesight is the common condition of dry eye syndrome or allergy-induced dry eyes. Over 16 million Americans report having dry eye symptoms. These symptoms include irritated, burning, stinging, scratchy, gritty-feeling eyes. Blurred vision, redness and excess watering of the eyes may also result. Although lifestyle choices such as an unhealthy diet, lack of hydration and excessive screen time can contribute to dry eyes, unsurprisingly, environmental factors such as air quality impact dry eye disease. Nearly 40% of the world’s garbage ends up in the air because of the burning of trash that releases invisible toxins. Prolonged exposure to poor air quality can harm the eyes without one even realizing it. 

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