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Do Optometrists Do Clinical Studies?

An optometrist is a physician who specializes in eye and vision care. An optometrist can perform routine eye exams, prescribe eyeglasses, and contact lenses, perform contact lens fittings, diagnose eye health problems, and prescribe and supervise vision therapy. To become an optometrist in the United States, a candidate must earn a 4-year college degree and then attend an accredited school or college of optometry to obtain a 4-year OD (Doctor of Optometry) doctorate degree. Optometrists are primary eye care providers accounting for more than double the number of doctors with OD degrees. In 2020, there were roughly 46,000 optometrists compared to 18,000 ophthalmologists in the United States.

With so much to discover in science, technology and advancement of eye care research, optometrists are frequently invited to host or participate in clinical trials for a variety of products, treatment options and surgical practices. An optometrist’s scope of work is not limited to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases and ocular abnormalities. Optometrists do clinical studies where they can teach, observe, research, and serve on health advisory committees of all kinds. Generally, to participate in clinical studies, optometrists are required to provide proof of licensure and professional liability. In most cases, they will also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the clinical study begins. 

In addition to access to new product development, optometrists are given the opportunity to enhance their skills and receive feedback. From a marketing perspective, offering clinical studies can be a useful tool to attract new patients to an optometrist’s practice. Patients appreciate that their doctor is at the forefront of innovation, education, and enhancement of their skill set. 

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