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Can You Wear Contact Lenses if You Have Dry Eyes?

If your eyes look red and feel sore and itchy, you may have dry eyes. Dry eyes are a common problem and a major reason for visits to the eye doctor. Some cases are congenital, where the eyes fail to naturally lubricate themselves enough. Other times dry eyes are caused by environmental factors, like living or working in dry climates, or being exposed to lots of dust, pollen, pet dander or any other airborne matter. 

Keeping eyes well hydrated and lubricated is important for keeping eyes healthy. For anyone prone to dry eyes, wearing contact lenses may make their eyes feel dry more often. There are many different types of contact lenses and some are better suited for people with dry eyes than others.  Modern lenses are comfortably worn by people with dry eyes every day and do a fantastic job of keeping eyes lubricated. 

Consulting with your eye doctor is the best way to determine which contact lenses are best for you, although there may be some trial and error involved with this. Dr. Buckley will consider the cause and symptoms of your dry eyes and help you determine which lenses to try.

Vision correction is not the only job a contact lens has. It’s also responsible for keeping your eyes well hydrated, and the material they are made out of can affect how well they are able to do that. Silicone-Hydrogel lenses allow much more oxygen to reach the cornea than other types of soft contact lenses. These typically cost a bit more but are generally the most comfortable for patients with dry eyes. 

Clear vision should not come at the cost of eye health or comfort. Just because you have dry eyes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the freedom and convenience of contact lens wear. To learn more about contact lenses for dry eyes, contact Skyline Vision Clinic at 719-630-3937 or website to schedule an eye appointment today.