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Types of Vision Tests

Regardless of your age or physical health, it is critical to have your vision checked regularly. Routine vision tests are important for general health maintenance. In addition to evaluating a person’s eyes for glasses and/or contacts, during an eye exam in Colorado Springs, Dr. Buckley will check the patient’s eyes for eye diseases and other problems that could lead to vision loss. A wide variety of vision tests and procedures are used to examine the eyes ranging from simple assessments such as having the patient read an eye chart, to complex tests such as a corneal and retinal topography vision test for conditions like astigmatism, or a fluorescein angiogram eye test to evaluate the blood circulation in the retina. In fact, vision tests can help detect chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes which can seriously affect a person’s eyes.  

Vision tests you may be given during a routine comprehensive eye exam at Skyline Vision Clinic include: 

Visual Acuity –  This is a vision test of the eye’s ability to detect fine detail. It is usually performed using a projected eye chart to measure each eye’s distance visual acuity and a small, hand-held acuity chart to measure each eye’s near vision. 

Pupil Function –  This is an eye test that includes inspecting the pupils for equal size, regular shape, reactivity to light and direct and consensual accommodation. 

Refraction – This vision test determines your exact eyeglass prescription. During refraction, the patient looks through a phoropter while shown a series of lens choices. The patient is asked which of the two lenses in each choice looks clearer. Based on the patient’s answers, Dr. Buckley will continue to fine-tune the lens power until reaching a final prescription. 

Visual Field Test – This test measures peripheral (side) vision.  Besides these common vision tests performed during a standard comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Buckley may recommend other, more specialized eye tests, if they feel it is warranted. To schedule a comprehensive vision exam in Colorado Springs, contact Skyline Vision Clinic at 719-630-3937 or website.