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Clinical Studies

Skyline Vision Clinic and Laser Center Research Department was established to ensure high quality clinical trials in vision research.  Clinical research is an important part of our practice as it enables our patients to access new technologies that may otherwise be unavailable and helps gain FDA approval of such technologies for general use.  Our commitment involves conducting medical research with the goal of helping patients obtain a higher quality of vision and better manage eye disease.

A clinical trial is a research study conducted according to a protocol to see if a new drug, device, or procedure is safe and effective for people to use and to compare existing treatments to determine which is better. Volunteering for a clinical trial is a personal choice and whether or not you participate should be made only after carefully considering the risks and benefits.



If you would like more information about participating in a clinical trial, or to find out if you are a candidate for any of our current studies, please contact us at:

Skyline Vision Clinic and Laser Center

ATTN:  Grace Aos, Study Coordinator

3155 North Union Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO  80907

Phone:  (719) 630-3937  


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