LASIK Technology

There is no singular type of LASIK procedure. At Skyline Vision Clinic & Laser Center, we spend countless hours researching different types of LASIK technologies and investing in the methods we feel will provide our patients with the very best vision outcomes. Currently, we are proud to offer our patients the following blade-free, custom LASIK technologies:

  • CONTOURA® Vision for incredible analysis of your cornea
  • IntraLase™ femtosecond laser for precise corneal flap creation
  • WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser for tailored corneal reshaping


We’ve taken personalized, customized LASIK to a whole new level with the introduction of CONTOURA Vision. This amazing topography-guided LASIK technology allows our doctors to analyze up to 22,000 data points on each eye, creating an extremely precise computerized map of each eye’s elevation points. It’s like a unique fingerprint of your eye, allowing Dr. Brett Nelson to know exactly what areas of your cornea need to be reshaped to achieve the sharpest vision possible. By altering just those areas that are causing the refractive error, light entering your eyes will be better equipped to land directly on your retina for superior vision.


Our IntraLase femtosecond laser allows us to provide 100% blade-free LASIK for a safer, faster and more precise way to create the corneal flap (the first step in any LASIK procedure). This ultra-fast laser generates energy at a precise depth to separate corneal tissue and create a thin flap that can be gently folded back to allow access to the underlying corneal tissue. Benefits include:

  • Accurate eye mapping technology
  • Increased safety
  • Quick visual recovery
  • Reduced risk of dry eye
  • Enhanced flap stability
  • Better vision results

WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser

The Alcon WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser system is how we reshape your cornea to correct your exact level of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Here are some of the benefits of this technology:

  • Personalized, precise treatment: the EX500 laser system uses digital 3D information about your own unique eye characteristics gathered during pre-operative testing to correct specific areas on your cornea.
  • Safety – PerfectPulse Technology®: eye tracking technology is incorporated to compensate for any involuntary eye movements which halt the process entirely until the eye is in the correct position.
  • Quickness and comfort: the process takes just minutes to complete so the process is comfortable for most patients.
  • Results: most patients achieve better vision after treatment than what they had wearing glasses or contact lenses – often 20/20 vision or better. This is because the system creates a fingerprint of your cornea so incredibly detailed information can be used for specific corneal reshaping.

Not all LASIK doctors in Colorado offer this level of LASIK technology. If you are considering LASIK, make sure you do your research and learn about the different types of FDA-approved LASIK technology that exist so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

The best way to find out if your eyes are right for LASIK is by scheduling a no-obligation free LASIK Consultation with us. Contact us today.

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