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Intraocular Lens Implants (IOLs) FAQs

Remove Your Cataracts and Enjoy Excellent Vision with Accommodating IOLs

New technology in vision enhancement enables your surgeon to not only remove your cataracts but actually restore your vision to a level that you may not have experienced in many years. Accommodating IOLs are the newest and most advanced type of these technologies. They are called Accommodating because they adjust the focus within your eyes to accommodate whatever distance you are viewing. Our patients who have received these amazing lenses are thrilled with their ability to see clearly at long distances, mid-range and even up close, like reading small print.

What can I expect my vision to be for reading and distance?

The vast majority of our patients enjoy significantly improved distance vision and the ability to read their smart phones without reading glasses. Some of our patients even report the ability to read 4-point font, which is found on road maps and medicine bottles.

How long will the surgery take? Will I feel anything?

This is a virtually painless procedure performed in an outpatient surgical facility. You will receive anesthetic eye drops to numb your eye and you’ll be offered medication to help you relax. The actual surgery usually takes less than 15 minutes per eye.

When will I be able to return to normal activities after the procedure?

Typically you will be able to return to work and to normal activities following your one-day post op visit. You will be provided with medications to prevent infection and decrease inflammation and a protective shield to cover your eye while sleeping.

What will the procedure cost? Will insurance cover any of it?

The costs vary considerably depending on whether you choose to correct your refractive error as well as eliminate your cataracts or if you decide to simply remove your cataract vision obstructions. In most cases insurance will cover much of the cataract removal portion of the procedure cost but usually not the cost for correcting the refractive error or presbyopia.

Considering all that Intraocular Lens implants do for nearsighted, farsighted and presbyopic patients, and the fact that it is permanent, most people agree that it is well worth the added investment. We have several options available to help with financing which will be discussed with you during your cataract exam.

How can I find out if I’m a good candidate?

First, a consultant will discuss the procedure and your candidacy with you. We will then perform a thorough examination and advise you of a customized treatment plan for you. Just give our office a call at 719-630-3937 to schedule your consultation.

If you or someone you know could benefit from cataract surgery in Colorado Springs, call or email to schedule a vision screening today.

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